The Golf Trip

April 10, 2020

For men, and a growing number of women, the golf trip is an opportunity to escape the confines of the home, and venture to unchartered lands where the grass is greener, and the beer tastes better. This reputation has the misunderstood rolling their eyes accompanied by comments like, "didn't you golf last weekend?" and "what's so different about golf courses in Idaho, then California?" The answer is everything.

Golfers around the world aspire to play rounds on courses hosting tournaments with the greats and Instagram photos of themselves at holes they've seen on TV. The 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, the 18th at Pebble Beach, the fear-inducing 10th at Riviera. Some accessible to the average folk such as Hawaii's Kapalua, others, like the Golden Bell at Augusta, where even the sale of your firstborn could not buy you the opportunity to navigate the challenging winds and ultimately bogey it. 

We've rounded up the top 20 on our dream Golf Trip list. A few we've played, but most we'll spend our lives dreaming of playing.

  1. Augusta National - Par 72
    As one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, the opportunity to play is even without a price tag. Home to the Masters, Augusta deserves to hold the number one spot on any golfers list.
  2. Pebble Beach - Par 72
    At $550+ a round, it's a hard pill to swallow and an even harder conversation with your spouse, but who can put a price on history? My wallet is ready.
  3. The old course St. Andrews - Par 72
    Often touted as the "Home of Golf," the 500-year old Scotland course plays high on our bucket list. A trek worth making to hear the starter call out your name to embark on a historical and unique round. 
  4. Spanish Bay - Par 72
    A twilight round with the sounds of bagpipes at sunset to put the course to bed? Sign me up. 
  5. Liberty National - Par 71
    With views of the Statue of Liberty on the 14th, this rags-to-riches golf course boasts the Manhattan skyline. In the words of Alicia Keys, "Jersey dumpsite where dreams are made of, there's nothin' you can't do." God bless America.
  6. Bethpage Black - Par 71
    Getting a tee-time to this New York course is seemingly impossible, but...
  7. ShadowCreek - Par 72
    From entering through the private gates to being greeted by your caddie, you feel like a VIP. A tour of the locker room seems surreal with famous names like Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Obama on plaques. Shooting an 82 from the tips, however, brought me back to my usual reality. 
  8. Cypress Point - Par 72
    Unlike Pebble Beach, you can't pay to play here. Adding salt, with only 250 members, chances are you're not connected enough either. One can dream, right?
  9. Riviera Country Club - Par 71
    One of Ben Hogan's favourite courses and situated in the middle of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, Riviera is one of those courses that if you get lucky enough to be invited to play, get ready for a challenging 18.
  10. The Vintage Club - Par 72
    Holding the title for the most photographed hole in California, (not in competition with California's booming porn industry), the Vintage Club boasts two courses in the Coachella valley. A 2015 remodel by original architect Tom Fazio and his son, Logan garnered a Golf Digest Best remodel Award.
  11. Oakmont Country Club - Par 71
    Outside of Augusta, Oakmont has hosted more majors than any other course in the world. With its wide variety of holes and putting surfaces, Oakmont is considered one of the toughest courses around.
  12. New South Wales - Par 72
    A spectacularly designed course with dramatic scenery, NSW will define the calibre of golfer you are. 
  13. Winged Foot - Par 72
    A true classic, in and out of New York State. It has been described as a course that will use every club in your bag. Revelations, the 18th, well, just ask Phil. 
  14. The Madison Club - Par 72
    If rumours are to be believed, Discovery Land Co dropped 200M + on the Fazio course. Ultra exclusive, and unchallenging, it's not meant to break a huge sweat on its members. 
  15. Cabot Cliffs - Par 72
    The only Canadian course on this Vancouverites list is Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia. With Scottish feels and wonderful views, you go for the golf and stay for the Lobster Rolls. 
  16. Torrey Pines - Par 72
    Fairly underwhelming upon arrival for a Championship course, Torrey Pines proved to be what it is with the challenging winds from the Pacific. Shot an 84.
  17. Diamante - Par 71
    Another course reminiscent of a Scottish links course, Diamante Dunes is on the list simply for being the number one course in Mexico. 
  18. Bandon Dunes - Par 72
    Intimidating, but playable, Bandon Dunes is a purely golf, golf resort. With its close-ish proximity to Vancouver, it's on the list.
  19. Chicago Golf Club - Par 70
    Often debated, America's first 18-hole golf course, Chicago Golf Club's appeal comes from the old school, but timeless design, and history of this great game.
  20. Wolf Creek - Par 71
    A memorable course with an almost-hole-in-one on the 9th. Wolf Creek is a unique, awe-inspiring course with spectacular views and makes you think, "how the hell did they build this?." Shot a 76.