Do you have a Demo program?

We offer a 7-iron purchase program. We found that the traditional demo programs offered are fairly prohibitive- generally sending out banged up clubs with shafts that may not be the best for your game. Our purchase program allows you to spec out and pay for a 7-iron in the model of your choice with the shaft , grip  and other required adjustments. Once you tryit and love it, we’ll invoice you for the remainder of the set, minus the 7 Iron.

To order, email info@haywoodgolf.com, and we’ll follow up with the details we need to proceed.

Where can I get fit for Haywood clubs?

You can find our current fitter list here. We’re consistently adding more fitters to our site, so check back often to find  the nearest one to you.

What kind of customizations do you offer?

We're able to accommodate a lot of different requests. In the past, we've facilitated custom coatings, stamping, engraving, etching,  copper-plating, torching, etc. All customizations incur additional charges. All requests can be forwarded to info@haywoodgolf.com.

Our Instagram showcases a lot of our past custom projects if you want some inspiration! 

Where are Haywood clubs manufactured?

Haywood heads are manufactured at one of the leading golf equipment factories in China. All haywood clubs are assembled-on demand in Vancouver, Canada.

Are the clubs eligible for returns?

Please review our return policy here.

Do you still offer Haywood 100’s?

Our Haywood 100’s are manufactured on a by demand basis. If you are interested in being on the waitlist, please fill out the form here.