Haywood CB's

The Haywood CB irons were built with the intention for average to above-average golfers to hit the shots they want while providing increased forgiveness, exceptional feel, and performance. First forged using 1020 carbon steel and then 100% milled, allows for the tightest weight and club measurement tolerances in the industry. With precision milling and perimeter weighting, the CB’s are an easier-hitting and more forgiving set of irons. 

Designed with the visual golfer in mind, the Haywood CB’s have reduced offset and topline thickness, which gives every golfer a higher level of confidence every time they line up their shot. A beautifully milled back, coupled with the modern and simplistic design Haywood is known for, makes these CB’s a set you’d feel proud to carry in your bag.

*Offered in both Left and Right Hand


  • Minimal Offset and Reduced Topline Thickness

  • Slightly thicker sole than Haywood MB irons

  • Exceptional Shot Shaping Ability

  • Soft Forged Feel

  • Combo Ability with Haywood MB’s

    Haywood CB's Specs

    Configuring Haywood CB's

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    Customer Reviews

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    Annieclaude Boudreau
    The Perfect Purchase

    What a great looking and playing set. I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to making big purchases. I like to do my research and take my time. Took me almost a year to pull the trigger, but so glad I did. Bought a full set (irons, driving iron, wood, wedge, putter, bag) and a few solid accessories. Everything is of quality. I've gained 20-30 yards on my drives too. Still getting used to the driving iron, 56, and putter.

    Played in Niagara Falls on the weekend. The person I was golfing with very excited to see that I had a set of haywoods, as his brother, who is a golf nut, just purchased some not too long ago. As an amateur golfer, this made me even more sure of my purchase.

    Thank you, haywoodgolf!

    Benjamin Lemelin

    These irons are pure! Great feel, great looks, and a great price tag. If you are looking for irons without jacked up lofts, and with minimal offset, I can't recommend these enough.

    David Yuskow
    Good as Anything out There

    Bit of a club junkie ,used to play some decent golf back in the day so I’ve tried lots of brands, currently own Haywood CB's and Wilson Staff V2 I can say Haywood irons are as good as anything out there they were made to my specs I wanted ,absolutely love them .Look forward to the whole season with them next year.

    Ryan Bostock
    Love them!

    Super buttery soft and forgiving. Beautiful clubs at address. Never going back to the big Guys

    Chris Godfrey (Okotoks, Alberta)
    CBs - Lefty

    I bought a set of basically new CBs (4-P) off of a buddy. Took them to the range and from the 1st shot I was in love. Crisp and just power through the turf. Felt amazing….just as good as Mizuno. Sound wasn’t muted but also wasn’t a thwack! I can only describe it as just right. Flight was strong and penetrating. Can flight it up or down with ease. Easy to shape shots. Sole is thin, but not razor thin like a blade (MB). Shots from the rough are good but require a good strike. I don’t find these jumpy when you hit the middle and pure one. Distances are good for a CB. I carry the 7 iron around 180 playing in Calgary area with 3250 feet elevation.

    These are the real deal for almost half of the price of the big boy brand names. Looks are incredible. What more do I need to say. I then bought 5-P heads and am saving them for when I finally do a new build.

    Only thing I have to say to anyone considering pulling the trigger on these is getting the right shafts to match your swing. I play these in a Project X IO 6.5 (x stiff flex) and feel like that is close to perfect for me. First time playing extra stiff and I’m not hitting draws/little hooks anymore. My natural shot is a baby draw. I can fade these babies easily.

    I consider myself a pretty good player. I play off of a 4 handicap. Putting is my weakness. These irons have gotten my iron game more consistent and are getting me more birdie looks per round, especially on par 3s.

    I also have the driving iron. This thing is a missile if you want a fairway finder off the tee for short par 4s.

    Shipping was pretty quick. Customer service was top notch! Great job Haywood. Thinking of getting the woods and wedges to round out my bag with all Haywood clubs. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what you guys do next!