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Haywood CB's

The Haywood CB irons were built with the intention for average to above-average golfers to hit the shots they want while providing increased forgiveness, exceptional feel, and performance. First forged using 1020 carbon steel and then 100% milled, allows for the tightest weight and club measurement tolerances in the industry. With precision milling and perimeter weighting, the CB’s are an easier-hitting and more forgiving set of irons. 

Designed with the visual golfer in mind, the Haywood CB’s have reduced offset and topline thickness, which gives every golfer a higher level of confidence every time they line up their shot. A beautifully milled back, coupled with the modern and simplistic design Haywood is known for, makes these CB’s a set you’d feel proud to carry in your bag.

*Offered in both Left and Right Hand


  • Minimal Offset and Reduced Topline Thickness

  • Slightly thicker sole than Haywood MB irons

  • Exceptional Shot Shaping Ability

  • Soft Forged Feel

  • Combo Ability with Haywood MB’s

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