Our Story

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, haywoodgolf is a growing golf brand focused on creating quality products at more affordable prices.

After a trip to a major golf chain for new wedges, we left frustrated by the cost of equipment and uninspired by the options. We wondered what it would be like to manufacture clubs, so we did.

After sourcing, designing, prototyping and testing clubs for performance, and durability we launched our first line of wedges. Since then, repeating the same process and quality benchmarks, we've scaled our product offering to irons, putters and apparel. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products to our customer service. We believe that it's important we connect with our customers and are available to them at any stage of their purchasing decision. Building our brand through satisfied customers is what we know will make haywoodgolf a success.

Growing the game is what drives us forward at haywoodgolf. We strongly believe that the current cost of clubs and the way they are sold are archaic and not indicative of today's consumer. Although we know we are venturing into unknown territory, we hope that the design and affordability of our products excite current golfers and encourage a new wave of people to get out on the course and play.

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