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The Haywood driver is firmly rooted in Haywood's design ethos, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. Atop sits a carbon fiber crown set in an 811 titanium body with a subdued matte black finish. Our mid-launch, low-spin driver includes a 15-gram back weight, increasing the MOI (moment of inertia), encouraging a more forgiving shot on off-centre strikes. Its forged titanium face offers stronger durability and a softer feel, combined with our internal multi-sectional ribbing, provides a more muted sound at impact. Players are able to modify both loft and lie angles with our adjustable hosel for maximum playability. At address, the face offers alignment aids to ensure your ball is centered in its sweet spot. Our token style extends to the sole where our logo is embossed in a black glossy finish. 



  • Carbon fiber top
  • 811 Titanium Body
  • Forged titanium Face
  • 15 gram back weight to increase MOI (forgiveness)
  • Internal channeling designed to improve acoustics
  • Adjustable Hosel
  • Head Cover & Wrench Included

*Head Only Purchase also includes shaft adapter

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