Haywood CB/MB Combo

When approaching design for our newest lines, the Haywood CB’s and the Haywood MBs, we wanted sets that were combinable to allow our customers to experience increased forgiveness in the lower irons and more workable clubs in the scoring irons. 

Taking cues from our past iterations and designs, we created our new sets with a harmonious look, ensuring that despite merging two different club heads, the combo sets look and feel balanced and compatible. Each set offers Haywood’s trademark simplicity and timelessness, with subtly-milled detailing, and clean lines. 

First forged using 1020 carbon steel and then 100% milled, allows for the tightest weight and club measurement tolerances in the industry.

*Offered in both Left and Right Hand

Available Combinations:

  • 4-6 CB / 7-PW MB
  • 4-7 CB / 8-PW MB
  • 5-6 CB / 7-PW MB
  • 5-7 CB / 8-PW MB

Haywood CB/MB Combo Specs

Configuring Haywood CB/MB Combo

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Feel!!!

Given my 15 handicap, I shouldn’t have these irons! But…so glad I do! The look, feel and sound of the MBs are awesome and the forgiveness of the CBs are an added bonus! Do I have to work with them, yes but now…I want to practice! The quality, packaging and customer service are all class acts! These are the real deal!!!

Connor D.
Extremely Satisfied!

Age: 28
HDCP: 22

I've been an adequate ballstriker for some time. Not my biggest strength, but I hit the ball more often than I do thin/fat it.

I purchased these irons because they look beautiful and they are not so aggressively lofted.

Upon receiving them, I noticed that my distance with them compared to my old irons (Cobra RadSpeed One-Length) was dramatically less. Over the last few months I've adjusted and am now hitting them roughly the same distances as my old irons - slightly less due to lofts, but that's expected.

If you're a mid/high handicapper that doesn't struggle with ball striking, I think these irons will not do you wrong.

They feel extremely pleasant on a centered hit - and they don't feel extremely punishing on an off-centered one. They do cost you distance if you hit it off the toe/heel, more so than cavity backs, but they're no 'harder to hit' in my opinion than my previous game improvement irons.


I am extremely impressed with this purchase and will happily promote Haywood clubs to friends!

P.S. White grips (wraps) with Pink ferrules makes for a beautiful combination!

Excellent Irons!

I ordered my set (5-7 CB, 8-P MB, KBS Tour) back in February, but wanted to give them a solid test on course before doing a review.

After much range and playing time, I can honestly say that these irons are among the best; if not the best, I've owned (and that's saying something).

I tend to be a fairly shallow swinger, with minimal divot depth. The sole width and design on this set really seems to work for me. I get a clean, shallow (but deeper) divot on most shots with the club cutting cleanly through the turf.

The other remarkable thing about these irons is the height, spin and distance I get with them. As a lower ball hitter normally with irons, I've gained a good deal of height, but also some distance; even compared to a set that are two degrees stronger in loft club for club. Spin has been in an optimal window was well. My playing partners often comment on the height and consistency on mid iron shots in particular.

Forgiveness in the set has been great, including both the CB and MB's. They are way more forgiving than they look like they should be.

Lastly, I have to comment on the customer service Haywood provides. I had a couple of questions regarding shaft options in their matrix and got quick and informed responses. Clubs were also built and shipped well within the estimated window.

I only wish they made a set Gap Wedge as well!

In summary, I'm very happy with this set. So much so that I ordered a second set for my back up bag!

Well done Haywood!

Shaun Painter
Incredible pure

I took a chance on these irons after trying out the signature series my wife bought. The difference is she’s right handed and I’m a lefty. I was still able to send a 7 iron 150 over water and stick the green. I was sold afterwards. This combo set not only looks great but they perform amazingly. Soft but receptive feel, very accurate and fast off the face.

They also look the part in the golf bag. Don’t hold reservations about these clubs, give them a shot. You won’t regret it.


Coming from a set of Titleist 714CB irons, I had half-expected these to feel similar but I couldn't be more wrong. I love these so much that I am about to order a second identical set for range beating. Their thin soles allow them to sit very flush with the ground and close to the ball, giving me more confidence of catching the ball solid. They also cut through the turf beautifully. Blade length looks slightly longer than the 714CB which again inspires slightly more confidence in finding the middle of the face, which brings me to the next point. I have found that even when I don't find the middle (which is more often than not!), these are much more forgiving than I am accustomed to. I often look at the ball flight and think, hmm it didn't sound very pure, but the ball flight looked alright. It would come apparent once I checked the club face that I had missed the middle by a mile and yet there was little by way of a dud ball flight or much distance loss. In addition, my fingers have stopped hurting - they are so much softer feeling and less jarring on the mishits!