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Casey Maier
Absolute rockets

Got fitted for my signature irons in January. Haven’t been out on the course yet, but I’ve had a bunch of sessions at the golf sim.

The feel and sound of these clubs is unreal. They feel identical to the p790 that I had tried before getting for with these. For 1/3 the price, to have the same performance, I would buy these again and again. They look beautiful. These are replacing my ping g20 iron set. The feel of a pure strike with the signature irons is so good and they are very forgiving on an off center hit while still giving feedback that you didn’t strike it well.

These are slightly stronger lofted that my previous irons but with the custom fitting and having the proper shaft for my swing the distance has increased immensely. I hit the Haywood 7 iron the same distance as my ping 5 iron.

The fitting process was so informative, incredibly thorough and professional. Getting the proper shaft for my swing and swing speed has helped get the proper ball flight and spin rate for me.

Fayaz Hasan
Can't say enough good things about these babies

I've had the signature irons for more than 4 months now and I absolutely love them! My iron game was so shot that I was using hybrids and woods with low club speed to even cover 150-170 yards before. That's all changed now! They are forgiving and give you solid distance! And need I really say anything about the level of customization they offer for their irons?

I must say that as a company, Haywood has also captured my attention with their stellar customer service. I had some questions prior to my purchase and they responded to my emails within 20 minutes. After testing my clubs for a few months, I felt there was something wrong with my 8 iron as it sounded different on ball impact. Once again, I was able to get in touch with them without any issue, sent the 8 iron back to them and upon inspection, they agreed with my concern and sent me a new club!

Thank you Haywood and keep up the good work! Hurry up and open a store in Winnipeg so that I can send more people to you :P

Todd Benoit
Signature irons

Loving my irons! Took a bit to get used to the offset. Hitting them far and consistently.

Craig Murray

Really happy with them!

Brian Simpson
Best clubs I have ever played

No joke. These clubs are amazing. I’m very happy with them